Holy Crap?

I am so exhausted from all the trials and tribulations of this world.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  If it’s not trauma, it’s drama.  It just never seems to end!  I am so sick of this crap!  Well, while I was so ungracefully explaining this to God, He revealed to me a lil’ some’m some’m.  Sometimes this crap can be holy…

**Okay, take your hand off the mouse!  Don’t ‘x’ me out yet!  Just hear me out and if you are still offended, feel free to share.  If you can relate, please, also feel free to share.  We’re all friends here.**

Something that always happens when I am dealing with crap is this… I either grow or I show.  In turning to God for guidance and help, I grow in my relationship with Him.  In trusting Him through experience I show others, that with Him, anything is possible.

For example, just minutes ago, while writing this blog, my friend James calls and asks if he can borrow the trailer I am using to move.  “You bet!” I said.  I had a few things in there that would only take a minute to stick back in the garage before he gets here.  There were only 7 boxes and totes in there and I’m on the fourth box, when out of NOWHERE, (I have no clue where my mind was, as I successfully managed to retrieve every other box without killing myself) there is a dang hitch under my feet!!!  The biggest box just happened to be my biggest problem for seeing correctly, but it was surprisingly, the best one to fall on.  Yes, I said fall.  Not a graceful, *in a sweet and very feminine voice* “Oh my!” fall, but a quick, everything flies out the top, *my mamma would be so ashamed of me voice* “Holy Crap!” kind of fall!  My right leg (dysfunctional only if I’m doing anything like chewing gum, talking, or carrying big boxes while walking) hurt the worst, my left knee was screaming, my left arm was burning, but amazingly, the trailer didn’t feel a thing!
I dropped my head onto the box and thought, “You have got to be kidding me! How in the world did I manage to just forget there was a hitch there after all those other boxes I had already carried in?!”  Just as quickly, I realized that the box I fell on actually cushioned my fall, as it was full of t-shirts under a few miscellaneous things that were now scattered all over my driveway.

Knowing that just moments ago, I was sharing words of … wisdom?… and now, here I am, face planted in a box, sprawled out like a starfish, in my driveway… laughing, hysterically.  There was no one there to say, “Are you okay?” or to laugh at/with me and I just knew, this is exactly what I was trying to put into words before I walked out that door.

Sometimes it takes falling flat on our faces to see that we are not as ‘in control’ as we think we are.  Sometimes we really just need to know that no matter how stupid our mistakes are, no matter how horrible it feels or how bad it hurts, God is there to catch us.  The crazy thing is that the pain is already gone.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so that helps.  Key is, remembering Who made me that way.

God is consistent… Life has hitches… and sometimes… Crap is Holy.

Have a Crappy Day!
Love, Angie





UPDATE:  My friend just called and informed me, something came up, he will no longer be needing the trailer.  God is awesome 🙂



Can you tell me what this baby is saying?

Every once in a while, I run across a picture that I just can’t help but laugh and stare.  Usually, for me, it is something that I could easily relate to.  Any of you who know me well, know this is something I can relate to!

So, while my cornbread is cooking, I thought I would see what you all think this baby is really saying.  I can’t wait to see your answers!!!

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How should I pack?

“How should I pack?” This is a common question…  I am pretty positive, however, that they are not referring to their home!


  *Picture this*  During breakfast, I am heating up leftover coffee from yesterday, which also happened to be the same time I remembered I needed cream from the store.  Ugh… Evaporated milk anyone?  It’s not exactly half and half, but it should get the job done… right?  Well, to my surprise, it’s actually pretty darn tasty!  (My brain sometimes tends to agree with things much easier when I consider a much lesser option!)


So, anyway, I walk into the dining room, which is our main living area right now as there are boxes everywhere else, and it dawns on me… I have no clue how to pack!  How on earth am I supposed to pack to move to an unknown location?  I have no vision.  No idea of what the house will look like, how much space I will have in each room.  What’s worse, is I don’t even know how long until we move! 

Here I am, knowing I need to pack, but not knowing how to pack.  This could be one of the most frustrating moves I’ve ever had to make.  I bet you’re thinking right now,  “Angie, just pack what you don’t need and save the rest for later.”  That is so logical that it should seem also simple!… This is the dilemma.  Well, actually, there are several.  Here, I’ll list my most concerning issues for you and maybe you can make some sense of them and toss me your two cents!

  • We already decided to get rid of what we don’t use on a daily basis as we might be moving to North Dakota at the end of the school year.  Contemplating two moves in 7 months (one, three states away) is the perfect way to get rid of excess… but not such a perfect way to decide on what to pack!
  •  I run an organization… out of my home… and it’s a LOT of stuff.  One of the events we are preparing for is the biggest event of the year, which requires a little over half of the mass I store here.  Another problem… these things can NOT get mixed in with my personal items, as they could be lost forever!  Well, atleast until after the event, which would still be pretty awful.
  • I have 7 people in this house that all have very different ideas of what they need, depending on how long we will be here. That is a lot of personal belongings.  On top of that, there are two dances, 5 events, a season change and atleast 3 holidays in the remaining months that we may have to wait before moving!

Are you feeling me so far???

  • As far as the decorating, I think to myself, “Okay, no biggie.  I will just not decorate for Fall (not an easy decision for me as it is my favorite season).  Also, we  will just use paper plates and plastic utensils for Thanksgiving this year (not a huge problem), and the Christmas decorations can just stay in their totes, ready to move.

Making this suggestion to 5 children is not that appealing, as it is, but we have Sara from Finland here, whom the kids were so excited in sharing this most special holiday with.  Hoping to share our family traditions with her so she could package the special memories in her heart and take home with her.  The disappointment was obvious and heartache for me to justify when I, too am struggling with the way everything is happening.  It is hard to move at this time.
Still, we have had worse thieves of our Christmas traditions than this predicament.  When Faith had leukemia, many of the scents of the typical Christmas decorations nauseated her and the blinking lights made her feel too dizzy.  One year even baking cookies was difficult as she just couldn’t handle the thought of sweets.  We are not new to the sacrifice and are prepared to do what needs to happen.  This one too, just caught us off guard.  Fortunately, it is not as serious by any measure!

  • I homeschool, and not knowing for sure when we will go, makes it impossible to just pack up their schooling.  They can’t go without schooling this whole time so we must leave it unpacked.
  • Working Man will be traveling back and forth from North Dakota, so naturally I want to get as much done during his time away so that we are able to find time to actually ‘see’ eachother while he is home. He has not even left yet, and I already yearn for his return.  I am so looking forward to the stories of his new location!

So, those are our main issues.  My best idea was just to clean and get rid of everything we don’t use or even really want… but that is still leaving a lot of stuff here to find places for and to pack.  I borrowed a trailer to fill and haul as much off as I can.  Most of it will go toward my organizations storage unit which provides a good fundraiser yard sale in the Spring.  Some, I can sell on the market and others I can just simply throw away.

Lily does not seem to be nearly as impacted by the dilemma of packing.  She lay on the rug basking in the sunshine coming through the door, snoring her little heart out.  Although, maybe she is considering where to bury her treats at the new house, because her doggie dreaming seems to also be in affect!  Oh, if only I could be like her and soak up the sun, knowing that I will be protected and provided for…  Aaahh, yes, remembering that I DO have One who protects me and provides for me is going to be key through this part of my journey…
… The next step toward the end of that tree branch I’m on.

I would love to hear about your moving stories… good or bad!

Keep in touch!



New location!

Welcome to ‘In All My Life’ ‘s new location!  I have moved the location of my blog to WordPress because it is a more convenient one stop blogging type of setup.  Having a more thorough blogging site will save me time and allow me to blog more often!

Also, it is important to me to have a location that is easier to communicate with the best friends a girl can ask for… YOU!!!   I hope you enjoy the new location and the little bonuses that come with it!  You are in for a more colorful and exciting blog reading experience and I hope to see you many times in the near future!

Thank you for keeping in touch and please feel free to share your thoughts on the new location!!!  Be sure to check out the About page!

Happy reading everyone!

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