Holy Crap?

I am so exhausted from all the trials and tribulations of this world.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  If it’s not trauma, it’s drama.  It just never seems to end!  I am so sick of this crap!  Well, while I was so ungracefully explaining this to God, He revealed to me a lil’ some’m some’m.  Sometimes this crap can be holy…

**Okay, take your hand off the mouse!  Don’t ‘x’ me out yet!  Just hear me out and if you are still offended, feel free to share.  If you can relate, please, also feel free to share.  We’re all friends here.**

Something that always happens when I am dealing with crap is this… I either grow or I show.  In turning to God for guidance and help, I grow in my relationship with Him.  In trusting Him through experience I show others, that with Him, anything is possible.

For example, just minutes ago, while writing this blog, my friend James calls and asks if he can borrow the trailer I am using to move.  “You bet!” I said.  I had a few things in there that would only take a minute to stick back in the garage before he gets here.  There were only 7 boxes and totes in there and I’m on the fourth box, when out of NOWHERE, (I have no clue where my mind was, as I successfully managed to retrieve every other box without killing myself) there is a dang hitch under my feet!!!  The biggest box just happened to be my biggest problem for seeing correctly, but it was surprisingly, the best one to fall on.  Yes, I said fall.  Not a graceful, *in a sweet and very feminine voice* “Oh my!” fall, but a quick, everything flies out the top, *my mamma would be so ashamed of me voice* “Holy Crap!” kind of fall!  My right leg (dysfunctional only if I’m doing anything like chewing gum, talking, or carrying big boxes while walking) hurt the worst, my left knee was screaming, my left arm was burning, but amazingly, the trailer didn’t feel a thing!
I dropped my head onto the box and thought, “You have got to be kidding me! How in the world did I manage to just forget there was a hitch there after all those other boxes I had already carried in?!”  Just as quickly, I realized that the box I fell on actually cushioned my fall, as it was full of t-shirts under a few miscellaneous things that were now scattered all over my driveway.

Knowing that just moments ago, I was sharing words of … wisdom?… and now, here I am, face planted in a box, sprawled out like a starfish, in my driveway… laughing, hysterically.  There was no one there to say, “Are you okay?” or to laugh at/with me and I just knew, this is exactly what I was trying to put into words before I walked out that door.

Sometimes it takes falling flat on our faces to see that we are not as ‘in control’ as we think we are.  Sometimes we really just need to know that no matter how stupid our mistakes are, no matter how horrible it feels or how bad it hurts, God is there to catch us.  The crazy thing is that the pain is already gone.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so that helps.  Key is, remembering Who made me that way.

God is consistent… Life has hitches… and sometimes… Crap is Holy.

Have a Crappy Day!
Love, Angie





UPDATE:  My friend just called and informed me, something came up, he will no longer be needing the trailer.  God is awesome 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 21:51:10

    holy crap is right!! i have been having one of those nights, too. seriously. come over. i am serving vodka. straight up.


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