Shut the front door!

While my kids would beg to differ, I am actually quite up with the times.  I understand text lingo, slang and even some terms used in ‘the hood’.  Here, let me share a few with you.

Let’s Text!

gtg… got to go = No, you may not tell one more friend goodbye.  Get in the car or you can walk home.

brb… be right back = I will be back in 10 minutes, and this room better be clean.

lol… laugh out loud = What I do when you think you have outsmarted me.


Off the hinges = What your door will be if you break the rules behind mine.

Random = The amount of days I can ground you.

sup = What you will be missing if you aren’t home by the time I’m putting it on the table.

In da hood!

homey = Where you better be before dark.

what up yo? = It’s about to be my foot.

And my personal favorite…

now that it’s winter…

and cold outside…


See, and you just thought I was blowin’ smoke!


Beautiful Morning

It was still dark outside with a hue of pink just barely breaking through the horizon.  The house was peacefully quiet and my blankets were wrapped around me, oh so perfectly.  “I could just lay here all morning.” I sighed to myself.  It was wonderful.  What a beautiful morning…

Looking at the time, I knew my alarm would soon be sounding off anyway, so I sat up, turned it off, and stretched my sleepiness away. I walked into the bathroom, drank my glass of water and started to undress for my shower when I thought to myself, “You know, I think I will just leave my jammies on for a bit, sneak in that first cup of coffee and get my laundry started.  I’m wearing my favorite jammies even!”  So, I grabbed my dirty jeans and sweats out of the laundry and tip toed down the stairs.  What a beautiful morning…

I opened the washer… empty.  Awesome!  While depositing the soap and clothes in I smiled, thinking how jeans take the longest to dry, which conveniently means I can take longer to finish my coffee.  I walked into the kitchen to discover there was enough coffee left over for me to have a cup while a new hot and steamy pot brewed.  Glorious! What a beautiful morning!

I open the cupboard and right in front is my new favorite coffee mug.  What luck! It won the status of my favorite with it’s perfect, small hands accommodating handle.  Decorated simply with the 4H symbol reminding me of my Head, Heart, Hands and Health.  It is the perfect morning mug.  It just makes me happy!  What a beautiful morning!

Peering through the steam rising from my favorite mug, in my favorite jammies on this perfectly quite and peaceful morning, I out of habit, count our horses in the pasture.  (We only have two; it doesn’t take long) Yep, there’s Sadie… one down… Yep, there’s Reno… two.  Perfect.  All is well. What a beautiful morning!…

…Wait…  As I blew out a joyful sigh, the steam parted and I saw yet another dark object with four legs standing just a bit farther out than the first two.  Sure enough, there were three animals in my normally two animal pasture.  Hmm… that must mean that a fence is down and one of the neighbors beastly creatures has invaded our soil! The agony!  Okay, so it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but remember the whole beautiful morning part?  I’ve been robbed!  What a … beautiful morning?

Enough light has entered the pasture now to see that a cow’s out.  A big one.  Looking closer… no… actually, a bull is out.  That adds a little volume to the whole, move the cow back on through the cross fence, then again back through the neighbors fence.  It is not that easy to move a bull out, especially when you don’t know where the fence is even down.  I head up the stairs to throw on a pair of jeans and my boots when I hear the ‘click click’ of the washer switching to rinse.  Oh no!  My jeans are all in the washer!  I run up to my room to find that the only long-legged pieces of clothing I have left are Tweety and Frosty the Snowman pajama pants.  Oh, this is not going to be good.  I peer out the bedroom window, which gives me a great view of the pasture, including the fence line.  I can see that the neighbors  gate is open and my fence (which is an electric one) is actually just loose but not down!

The bull must have jumped it and unhooked just the top clip to get to the other side.  If my horses did decide to cross the fence, they would still be in our pasture and all I would have to do is go close the gate long enough to tie them up and move the bull home.  “but…” I thought to myself. “If I call them and throw them hay, they won’t even leave this end of the pasture for at least an hour.  That’s a load of dried jeans and a pot of coffee.”  Okay, I like this thought.  (Me and my thoughts don’t agree often) I walked out, called the horses and tossed out a few flakes of hay.  I was back in the house before they were even half way up the trail, standing with my favorite mug, in my favorite jammies, in the peace and quiet.  Well, that wasn’t so bad after all.  What a beautiful morning!

Moral of the story?  Never let bull rob you from seeing the beauty in your life. 🙂

Have a beautiful morning!


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