Shut the front door!

While my kids would beg to differ, I am actually quite up with the times.  I understand text lingo, slang and even some terms used in ‘the hood’.  Here, let me share a few with you.

Let’s Text!

gtg… got to go = No, you may not tell one more friend goodbye.  Get in the car or you can walk home.

brb… be right back = I will be back in 10 minutes, and this room better be clean.

lol… laugh out loud = What I do when you think you have outsmarted me.


Off the hinges = What your door will be if you break the rules behind mine.

Random = The amount of days I can ground you.

sup = What you will be missing if you aren’t home by the time I’m putting it on the table.

In da hood!

homey = Where you better be before dark.

what up yo? = It’s about to be my foot.

And my personal favorite…

now that it’s winter…

and cold outside…


See, and you just thought I was blowin’ smoke!


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