Today, I would like to share a post that I happened upon this morning. I want to encourage you to not only read the post but also to support the cause. God bless every single one of you. Thank you for taking the time to read a shared blog.

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Karin and Chris at the Dali MuseumMany of us have a cause that we connect with; something we can really get behind and champion. Now I’m no champion, but I’ve recently added an incredibly worthy cause to my list thanks to one incredibly brave little girl and her courageous parents. More on that in a moment.

We all know that language is powerful. It’s why we read the blogs we love and love the blogs we write. The main function of this blog is to connect hearts and minds by sharing my experiences with honesty and hopefulness. My mission is simple: equality. And one of the things that falls under the category of equality is access. I feel strongly about equal access to education/higher education, for example. But there’s one aspect of life to which access is…

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You are what you eat???

If I am what I eat, then apparently I just found out that on a couple occasions every month, I am a ground up whole chicken (guts, bones, muscles, beaks, eyes and all), that has been ran through a grinder, squeezed out like toothpaste into a box where they carry it to be ran through ammonia and re-flavored with artificial flavoring only to be reshaped to look like meat and cooked.

Seriously… I want to puke…

Click the link to get the whole story and tell me what you think.   I don’t think I’ll be eating soft serve ice cream anymore either…


Dream with your eyes open!

This morning, I wanted to remind everyone that there is always a beginning to all great things.  One of those things is the accomplishment of true equality.  We can share this country without violence.  We can share our days without hypocrisy.  We can love without conditions…

…and we CAN dream with our eyes wide open.

Take a few moments to appreciate the beginning of great things… to appreciate one who stood and spoke for many… one who lived what he preached…

Dream Big


Making dreams come true…





Come again?

So, normally, I would not write a blog about a blog or referring back to a blog with any great detail but today, I must.  See, I received some pretty crazy messages about my blog the other day… ‘Who’s Seat Is This?’  (If you haven’t read that one, you may want to first)  I was surprised, not only that this particular subject raised so many questions to begin with, but some of the suggestions that followed.

My morning started out as this…

I woke up, instantly feeling ‘different’.  I knew, this was NOT going to be an ordinary day.  I couldn’t get this recent blog out of my head, nor some of the suggestions, such as, “Don’t go this Sunday!”, “Switch seats every Sunday”, “Just sit where you are comfortable” and “People know where to find you that way, Angie”.   My thoughts were that by doing all this random stuff to stand out would be doing ANYTHING but making it about God, rather about me, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

I was also struggling with some feelings I had been having on the whole judgement subject.  I was so frustrated when a friend of mine expressed that “Christians are her main problem with church.”  It was something, I simply was not sure how to address as I knew it was an honest concern and one that from her experience, was justified.  I decided that I was not going to hop straight into the shower, but go downstairs, have a cup of coffee and get my thoughts together.  It was funny because I had literally just woken up yet felt like I was about ready to jump out of my own skin.  I said a prayer for God to assist me and headed downstairs.

I sat down to my cup of coffee and pulled up my Facebook page.  There were tons of random comments and I skimmed through the latest posts liking a couple here and there.  A video caught my eye of people who were flying on a large airline breaking into song together.  I couldn’t help smiling at the peoples faces that were obviously not planning on joining in, no matter what the song was.  Surprisingly, by the end of the video, however, almost then entire flight was singing.  It was so entertaining. The replay option came up along with a handful off other related videos.  One seemed completely out-of-place.  It’s title was, ‘ Heroin Addict Prays For A Miracle- You Will Not Believe What Happens After That!’  Seriously, that’s the title.  Well, I just HAD to see what happened after that!  Not only was I shocked at this video but I couldn’t stop crying.  I just could not get a grip.  I felt God, not pulling at my heart, but tearing at it.  It was as if He was saying to me, “Bigger things are out there… ” and “I only look at your heart when I see you.”

By the time I got a grip, I was late.  VERY late!  I ran upstairs, took a shower, threw on the first thing out of my closet, brushed some color on my eyes, shooshed the kids out to the car and out the door I went!

When I got to the church, I was horribly late and ran through the doors saying quickly, “Hello, hi, hello”…  My frantic glances landed on a familiar, yet not recently seen face.  It was Greg Norris, the father/dad of our most recently sent out missionary family.   I was so excited to see him that everything else seemed to not even matter.  (Don’t let it go to your head, Greg.  We just love you that much. haha)  I suddenly didn’t even care that I was late.  I visited with him all through worship, keeping an eye out for my friend.  When we heard people doing announcements, I stepped in to be seated before I became a total disruption!

Logically, I should sit where I know my friend will find me, right?  Yes…  but… Thinking of my post and all the suggestions and comments that followed it, I stood along the wall, looking to see if I could spot my friend, or empty seats that didn’t require me to cross the entire sanctuary to get there.  One blog reading friend of mine, sitting just seats away raised her eyebrow up at me, and smirked.  She new EXACTLY what I was thinking about.  Her suggestion flashed through my mind. “Angie, you sit there because it is where you are able to focus; don’t make it difficult.  It got you thinking, that is good, but don’t read more into it than what is really there. Maybe God truly just wanted you to be reminded that no matter what others think, you need to know whose seat you’re sitting in.”  Knowing she was quite amused by my discomfort, I told my feet to move.  Glancing, to the closest open seats, I realized I would be sitting exactly where I normally sit!  I looked back to my friend, my heart racing and she literally giggled at me! GIGGLED!!  I envisioned myself thumping her right on the forehead.  It was as if she read my mind and I could see her whole body shaking with mirth.  I could feel myself relaxing.  Realizing what an idiot I was making of myself, I swiftly moved toward the seats… yes… God’s seats.

Now, as I neared the seats,  I looked down and to my surprise, my dear friend and her husband who never sit up in the front were seated right next to the seats that I was preparing to occupy!  Also, there were new faces that I had never seen before seated on the other side and faces I recognized but couldn’t name right behind me.  Have I mentioned that God has a sense of humor?  It was like God was saying, “I’ve got the change covered, you just worry about where your heart is.  Oh, and P.S., quit being an idiot.”  I took a deep breath.

Our pastor began his sermon and went directly into a topic  that you wont believe he went to!  The topic was the fact that people are not afraid of Jesus but Christians who make them feel worse than they already do about their lives.  Seriously!… I know!…   Every single song lyric, scripture, and prayer hit me to the fullest extent.  I quietly cried in God’s seat, listening to God’s word, feeling God’s love… and I wasn’t even distracted once!  Immediately following the service, a close friend of mine headed straight for me and shared distressing news about his wife and was seeking prayer.  He didn’t have to search for me.  God is good!

So, there you have it.  That is what happened to me today.  I probably wont recap many blogs in the future, so don’t worry.  This one just seemed unfinished and now it is!

It is so hard for words to make it into our hearts to start with…  Don’t let them just slip right back out.  Here are links to directly connect you to this message…

Norris Family Missions

Heroin Addict Prays For A Miracle

Sermon    (Todays sermon will not be on there until Tuesday, most likely but if you click on Media and then Audio, you will get the sermons leading up to this one.)

Angie 🙂

Who’s seat is this?

I love going to church. It’s probably one of my favorite things to do.  I look forward to taking a little extra time to get ready, to seeing the door greeters’ huge smile as he shakes my hand, and smelling the fresh coffee as I walk into the lobby. I love catching up with people who I don’t otherwise see through the week. Our pastor, associate pastors and guest speakers always leave me feeling like I heard the Lord’s message and not their own.

I also love to worship at church.  I love the excitement that comes every Sunday morning as I anticipate which songs we will sing and seeing the band all pumped up.   On choir Sundays, I love joining my friends in adding more voices to the worship team and watching the congregation raise their hands as we collectively worship the same One, the same Savior, the same God.  When church is over, I don’t want to leave.  I want to fellowship with those I have never met as well as those I know well.

Church for me, is a place to come together with others who believe, from all walks of life, with different paths, all to reach the same goal… spiritual health and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I don’t see myself as better than the person sitting next to me, and only on occasion do I find myself concerned with what they think of me.

I don’t always come in and mark my seat, (usually because I am chatting away with friends in the lobby or foyer, whatever you would call it) but very seldom do I ever come in and find my desired seat full.  I sit in the same row, in the same section, ninety-nine percent of the time.  When my husband is in town from work, he usually saves our seat by sitting there and putting my bible next to him and waits patiently, visiting with those around him, until the worship music starts.  We chose our seats because we are a people, easily distracted.  I am distracted having people in front of me because I am constantly making notes to talk to this person about that, and that person about this, or reminded of a prayer I meant to say about whom.  These aren’t bad things, but things that I tend to wander off in thought about and sometimes miss important parts of the sermon.  My husband however, just simply gets distracted and once he loses focus, it’s difficult to get it back.  So, we originally chose to sit where no one else was regularly sitting.  In the second row from the front.  I usually sit toward the inside so people can discreetly find a quick seat by the aisle if they come in late.

So, knowing these things about me I would like to quickly share what happened to me last Sunday…

I was busy visiting in the lobby with friends and giving my apologies for not attending choir this particular Sunday as I struggled with a horrible headache the night before.  I grabbed a cup of coffee, vanilla hazelnut as usual, with just 2 packets of sweetener and cream.  As I walked in, I noticed that all the seats but two on the outside were taken so I quickly moved toward the available seating excited to not have missed any of the worship songs yet.  As I set my belonging down, the people sitting in the next seats over started to grab their stuff and asked if I wanted to sit in their seats.  Panic struck me…  “Oh my gosh!”  I thought searching the row of people.  “Had I invited someone and forgotten and on top of that come in late and left them alone?!”  I searched the faces of the occupants of each seat one by one.  Nope… nothing was standing out.  I must have had a confused look on my face because the woman said apologetically, “We are in your seat.” …  I just stood there like a dummy, completely confused. I didn’t know what to say.  “We know this is where you usually sit.”  Realizing this couple was still waiting patiently for my answer, I quickly said, “Oh my gosh, sit, please.  I am fine right here, for real.”  and shot them a wide smile to assure them they had not in any way put me out.

As we all listened to the music start, I could feel my face get warm.  I was embarrassed that I had somehow unconsciously conveyed to those around me that this was where I sit, therefore, it is my seat.  Now, as the music played on, I rationalized that while this is where I normally sit, I have never complained or given any inclination that it was my ‘territory’ yet it was still perceived as such at least from this couples viewpoint. This got me thinking.  Do I see it as my seat? Who’s seat are we sitting in?  Who’s seat am I really sitting in?  Do we lay claim to our seat in life as our own or the One who gave us a seat to begin with?  Do we have a right to stake a claim to that of which is not ours to begin with?

With this thought in mind, I would like to share with you, a seat that is not only occupied but rightfully laid claim to.

God reigns over the nations; God is seated on His holy throne.  Psalm 47:8

I pray that in all the places we sit today, that we will remember Who’s seat we are really sitting in.  Thanks for stopping in!

~`~ Angie ~`~

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