What if you rent?

For years of renting, I am always catching myself saying, “When we buy…” or “When I have the freedom of owning…”.  I am so sick of saying that!  Yeah, I rent, and yeah, if I move, I’m going to have to walk away from all that hard work but I am really thinking that it’s kind of stupid to not be completely happy with my decorating because I don’t want to paint a wall or put in new trim that I will never get compensated for.  Am I wrong?

So, I need your opinions, BADLY. I am totally stuck. Do I or don’t I paint and put money into a rental, knowing it will not forever be mine?


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  1. Nana
    Apr 16, 2013 @ 15:55:36

    I love you! And I loved my momma dearly…she was the wisest most wonderfully innocent woman…and out of that innocence came such heart-filled advice. Being married to an alcoholic she never owned a house, but nevertheless she had many HOMES. She would put hard work and elbow grease in each and every rental ( there were so many believe me)…and then she would save for paint and wallpaper and lace curtains (I have two of her panels up in my windows now). Once I asked her why she put such effort into each place when she never knew when dad would go on a binge and quit his job or be in trouble with the law and often we would leave with just our clothes and a picture of Jesus (the one thing she would never leave behind). Her answer was that wherever God put her was a blessing and for that honor she would show HIM her gratitude and make it the best she possibly could. So sweet, little Angie…there is my Mom’s sage advice passed on to you threw me! I have never owned a house either … But I have had a lot of homes ❤ Love Nana


    • In All My Life...
      Apr 16, 2013 @ 16:30:05

      Nana, thank you SO much for sharing a little bit of you AND your mama with me. I can’t explain how your heartfelt answer has just changed my entire view on how to treat my home and has in another way entirely, healed my heart for a resentment I never even realized I was carrying! Suddenly, owning doesn’t even matter anymore. ❤

      I am so thankful that God put such an amazing woman in my life. You are such a blessing to me! I will never see those lace cutains without thinking of your mama either. 😉

      Love you, Nana!


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