Whatever may come, we will be

And if the wind blows
Will you remember me
Can’t you fly to the moon
And look down onto the sea

Maybe we can fade away
Into the endless bliss
I’ll touch your face
And you can blow me a kiss

If your heart were a chance
That is one I would take
Seeing the flame in your eye
Baby there’s no mistake

Love ain’t just a reason
It is what makes us live
No matter what we face
It’s what I will give

When your body aches
From years gone by
I will reach for you the same
It is you I can’t deny

Ride with me in this way
Let’s adventure in this land
It may not make sense
But baby hold my hand

Hold me like you need me
Whisper sweetness in my ear
I am ready for the unknown
For the rest of our years

Let the music race your heart
Let the words rock your soul
And dance with me forever
Our hearts finally made whole

Free yourself darlin, free me
Finding love in a new way
I’m not asking perfection
I’m just asking you to stay

We belong together
For every single joy and strife
I want it all so say yes
Give me your whole sweet life


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. vince jeppsen
    Nov 10, 2014 @ 05:32:25

    I love this,great job😊


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