The Seeker

I seek you out as my lungs seek breath; as a ship seeks the waters.

How the moon seeks to pierce darkness; this is how I search for you.

As I peer at the stars, I beg for your forgiveness and long for you to rescue me.

I can feel hot tears searing my cheeks as I fight the confusion. Free me.

I seek you every second of every day.


Live Intentionally

Some days when the stresses of life catch up with us, we forget to sing our life song intentionally.

Don’t allow life to live you… Instead, grab ahold of it, embrace every second and whisper to your Creator, “I live, for the greatness of the life you have given me will NOT go unacknowledged.” Live intentionally and love genuinely.

“It is not the heart beating in itself that makes it special, it’s what song it is beating in tune with that makes it a melody.” ~Angie

Love to you all!

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