We All Have It


We do not have to love everything about someone to be loving toward them. In actuality, God loves us even though He does not love our sins. When He tells us to love, He means as He loves.

He doesn’t love us out of pity or because no one else will. He loves us because even if we don’t know what it is, there is value in each person.

We don’t have to point out the things we don’t love about someone to fully acknowledge the things we do. We really do not need to say, “Despite these things, I still love you.” All that is, is deceiving ourselves into thinking that we have the right to do anything but that.

There is value in every breath God breathes in us all. Instead of having the mindset of an ‘overcomer’ or hero over those who hurt us, we can choose to love the positive values in them.

It’s not that we are denying that they have sin, because we all do. And it doesn’t mean that we will not find more appealing things in some people than others.

The point is… To be loving, all it takes is to see that every person has value. It’s not up to us to decide how much. It is only up to us to act on the fact that there is.


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