Thought for the day

This is my sweet friend. She has been through more in her life than most adults. She has bravely chosen to put her thoughts into a blog. So very proud of her and know you will be too. Follow her to be inspired or to pray for her as she continues to glorify Him in her life!

Praying for protection over her and for strength to hold on.

I love you my little sister in Christ!!! You are amazing!

❤ Angie


I find it quite amazing how God uses the things that humans mean for evil in great ways. He always finds a way to make good come from a tough situation. For instance because I was abused as a child and suffered through anorexia , I came to know God. Is it the way that I would have chosen for me to learn of him, Absolutely not, but although it isn’t what i would have chosen I know that it was a part of Gods perfect plan for my life. I haven’t found my purpose in life yet, but i do know that i wasn’t fighting those battles alone. Even when I was laying in bed afraid to go asleep at night, and I had never even heard of God, he was there with me. He has a purpose for me that will use those experiences to benefit his plan…

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