Promises, Promises

In the light of the stars, a romantic is born. In the light of day, our hearts are torn.
In the sorrows of night, God reaches in. He whispers to us, “I know you within.” To be touched and loved is not a promise of this land. Only some will feel love, both from heart and hand.
I will pray for the wind to take my wishes away. I may be loved but it will not be in this way.  ~Angie

Sometimes it is in how we expect life to be that we are the most injured. Embracing life does not require all our beautiful wishes to come true. It is about seeing past the fog and taking in what is right and pure. Life is not a promise, but there is promise in life. Whether it is a flower we pass every day, the ability to escape to nature’s getaways, the smile of a child or the hug of a friend… We truly are blessed. One day at a time.


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