Hey!  I’m Angie, and this is a little bit about me and my life!

 I am the wife of the hardest working man on the planet!


I am the mother of 4 amazing kids who brighten every day of my life!





The sweetest foreign exchange student ever!

Sara from Finland

And, of course, our family dog…


That’s my family!

We love doing things together.

We are a little crazy, a little weird, and a little sarcastic, but our door is always open and we love celebrating life.

God is on fire in our family and is making some pretty amazing changes in our home.  He is moving us, LITERALLY… AGAIN, into all new waters. There is something always happening in our lives and I used to ask the question… “Why are we always dealing with SOMETHING?!”  Now I say, “Thank you for making SOMETHING out of my life!”  I am so excited about all the possible journeys this new change could take us on and I have to tell you, I can barely sit still anymore!  Another secret, I don’t intend to!

*Picture this*…  I’m on the top branch of that tall willow tree.  You know, the one right by the lake out back.  There are birds singing in the tree, fluttering all around me.  I really could stay here forever.  It’s so relaxing and the view is fantastic from up here!  I can see anything and everything that is headed my way.  I don’t have to brace myself because this branch is so familiar that I know how to perfectly balance on it.  I can even sleep here if I want.  Who could ask for more?… I close my eyes, soaking in the familiar sounds, the light breeze tickling the hairs on my skin, smelling the sweet scent of the willow tree bark… drifting… drifting…and yeah, that’s perfect… sigh….
*soft whisper* “… aaanngieee”
I hear it, but I’m just too relaxed to answer.
*again a soft whisper, shorter* “… aangiee”
Okay, this is really starting to mess up my relaxing…
*the voice takes on a firmer tone* “.. Angieee”
I cover my ears now, even though I know it isn’t going to change anything.
*the voice is right next to me now, I can even feel the breath of the One calling me on my cheek* “… Angie… look up…”
I know I have to open my eyes… I hesitate… then curiosity gets the best of me.  I crack one eye open but I can’t see anything out of the ordinary.  I crack both eyes open, but still nothing.  It appears I was dreaming.  I am alone and I see nothing…

Then… I see it.  Up there, just above me… there is something new.  Funny, that wasn’t there before.  I scramble to my feet to get a closer look, and sure enough, it’s a rope!  “What on earth is that doing here?”, I think.  I reach my hand up to grab it but I’m too short!  (This is a common problem for me)  I try to reach it again from my tippy toes, but again, I can’t reach it!  I don’t want to jump; what if I fall? I look down, noticing for the first time how far up I really am in this tree.  Suddenly, I don’t feel quite so safe here in my security spot. I look up at the rope… it seems closer than before… that is so weird!  I reach up and sure enough, I can reach it! I follow it with my hands until it pulls tight and the craziest thing is that it seems to be coming out of nowhere!  The rope is tight, but it appears to be coming from the sky… “I must still be dreaming!”

I look down once again and everything that seemed so safe and sound, suddenly seems flimsy and untrustworthy!  The rope I couldn’t even see before has now become my lifeline.  I grasp it with both hands.  The lake! I can jump into the lake!  I grab the rope tight, pull back to secure the rope and…

and… that’s where I’m at right now.  Join me as I take this leap of faith… I pray that neither of us will be disappointed.

I don’t think we will.

I intend to talk openly, respectfully and honestly on this blog an invite you to do the same!

Welcome to my journey, the only one I will ever take, in all my life!


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