Homeschooling Madness!

Homeschooling is not all it's cracked up to be... it's more.







  When homeschooling, I like to remind myself that ‘home’ is only part of the word, and also only part of the job!  The reasons I originally chose to homeschool are for the most part…


  • The kids could study from the comforts of our home
  • We could travel with my husband if his job took him elsewhere
  • The kids could move through their curriculum at their own pace
  • I didn’t have to worry about alot of the critical issues often confronted in public school
  • To be involved and present for my children’s learning experience


   The reasons that I have continued to homeschool have remained the pretty much the same with a few adjustments such as…

  • Fitting school into our schedule
  • Maintaining high vocabulary
  • Maintaining more open discussion about politics, religion and history
  • Learning how to consider God in all things, including how our world was created
  • Remaining involved in academic progress




Have you considered homeschooling?

If you already homeschool, what made you want to homeschool? 

Are your reasons for beginning to homeschool the same reasons that you continue?

Are you a ‘former’ homeschooler?  Why did you stop?


Enquiring minds want to know!…



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