Victorious Surrender

    I overslept! Oh crap, I overslept because of the rain! I could hear the horses hooves as they ran past my window, back and forth, communicating in their own way that we were late for breakfast and they were starving! I sat up in bed and just took in the sweet sound of raindrops and horses hooves beating the ground at the same time. Two of my favorite sounds and it was like music to my ears. 

   I went to wake the girls, just to find them nestled in their blankets, eyes open and mouths curved into satisfied smiles as they listened to the very sounds I just marveled in. My presence meant it was time though and they crawled out of bed and threw their jackets on. After a quick trip to the loo, they slid on their boots and joined me outside.  

   As I slid my arms, one by one into my slicker and snapped it shut for only the second time of the season, I realized just how much I love the rain even more when I can stay relatively dry while out in it.  Instantly, my thoughts went to my husband. “I hope he remembered his rain gear.” I remember thinking to myself, knowing that even if he didn’t, he would continue working hard in the elements. He is an amazing provider and works every day to keep us alive and well. My heart was so full, I couldn’t have put it in words even if someone had asked me.

  Gear on, we set out to feed the animals, each being eager for their breakfast.  We said our apologies for being late and heard forgiveness with each chomp on their food. We were even welcomed by hugs from the dog and swirls around our legs by the cats.  The ducks stood back in the far corner, holding their ground, letting out an angry quack or two but their resilience broke as soon as their feed hit the ground and their gate was opened for them to set out on their wild adventures for the day.  The chickens pecked at the ground as if they were already wasting away due to the late feeding. As I tossed handfuls of feed at their feet, they began chattering and gobbling up their food like a bunch of hens in a henhouse. 

   Heading back to the barn, I saw my third child, Jade, coiling up the hose as the bunnies she just fed, nibbled on their goodies. When I stopped and inquired as to her busyness at the hoses, she simply stated she was getting them ready for winter freezes so we don’t have to worry about it once it is upon us. It stopped my heart. All these years of communicating the need for logical thinking in this life and the importance of thinking ahead had finally settled in yet again.  “She is growing so fast.” I thought to myself and pride filled my heart.  It is the little moments like this that God gives me just a peek of my fruits being harvested. I am reminded that without Him, my fruits may not even be fruit, but weeds sucking the life out of everything around it. I am so grateful for His grace and all the times He has forgiven me for not hearing his communicating the need for logical thinking and the importance of thinking ahead.  I smile at my beautiful daughter and praise her for her wisdom. Her smile widens to match mine.

   In the barn, I find Faith, my youngest, dropping hay from the hay pile so she can give the horses their second flake for the morning and realize that even just a year ago, she would have asked for help to do this task. Instead, she just worked joyfully, playfully visiting with the kitten at the top of the pile. The thought that she didn’t need me, not because she was able to do it easily, but because the efforts to do the job herself didn’t seem like such a burden. Above that, she was smiling and finding joy in her morning. I felt God was again showing me the importance of having joy even in the smallest things. It really is what allows us to love our lives, no matter our lives.  

   I remember working at a bakery when I was younger and everyone I worked with hated their jobs but I loved working there. I loved working with my hands and I loved greeting the early risers as they filed in for their pastry breakfast. It’s not for everyone, but it was a beautiful place for me.  Just like here and now, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.  Yes, sure, the animals are so beautiful and who doesn’t love petting kittens every morning, but this is a job nonetheless. There are hooves to clean, tails to untangle, poop to scoop, medicine to administer, steps in manure, hay in your bra… hair… pants… boots… everywhere!  When you are in the middle of dinner and your dog decides to bring you a chicken she accidentally killed by playing with or your horse looks at you through your window and you see the fence down behind him, you stop eating, get your boots on, and get out there to deal with the issue at hand. When you are just getting in the shower and you hear a shout from the barn, “Come quick!” you throw on the necessary clothing and slip on boots with no socks and haul butt! It’s a glorified life style and some who try it, back away slowly from the reality of it.  I have lived both lives. One fit, one didn’t.  


   I struggled living in town. In just 2 years, a lot happened. I dealt with depression for the first time in my life.  I felt like the walls were closing in on me all the time. It was weird. I went from being a happy morning person to not wanting to get out of bed. In hopes of making a purpose for myself, I filled my days with tasks and volunteer positions and pursued a career in sales as well as homeschooling my kids still.  My husband went to work out of state and we accepted two foreign exchange students into our home.  I was no longer thinking logically and I surely wasn’t finding any joy in my days.  I was fighting with my kids and welcoming the fact that my husband could not see me this way. I was a mess.

   I had begun to have medical issues. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was having serious kidney issues which were always followed by passing stone after stone, and was having what I later learned were panic attacks. Being sick was a very foreign thing for me.  VERY.  AND… I was failing… at everything.  My balance had been shifted and I no longer had any at all. I had lost my way.  Thanks to some amazing people in my life, this was brought to the surface.

   Dropping to my knees in the middle of my living room, I surrendered my life again. I prayed something like, “I have failed, God. I have failed because I am trying to go my own way. I am trying to fill my anxieties with busyness so they will be hidden. Lord, I have begged for your help but I have not waited for your answer. I  don’t even know what is right for my own life. I don’t even know who I am right now. Whisper your wishes in my heart, Lord. Tell me what to do, even if it means doing nothing at all.”  I gave up everything. I stopped doing everything. God cleansed me. He led me to places I never even knew existed. I held positions but was not doing anything in them. He literally halted my life.  Then, He helped me see.  I sent out a plea to every committed position I was in, that I was overwhelmed, I was physically deteriorating because of it and that I was needing to make some changes.  

This is where it gets interesting…  

   I received VERY different responses to this plea.  They were two very different extremes.  It was split in the middle. There were no gray areas. Over half of them responded angry or put out. I was a bail out to them. I didn’t understand what position I was putting them in. I was ungrateful for the things they had done for me (remembering that these being things that benefited them in some way. Business helps, things they could share to show the nature of their character, etc.).  I would say probably 90% of them turned on me, discarded me and even spewed hatred toward me for saving my own life.  (I’m not kidding. That is probably a generous guess) I was shocked. I look back now and see I shouldn’t have been, but I was.  It was the very clarification I needed.  

   Let me tell you about the 10% that responded differently though. This is really all that God wanted me to focus on at that time.  This group of people had a completely different reaction!  I began hearing of others who had gone through this exact same thing and had come to this exact same fork in the road of their lives. I also began hearing people say things like, “Angie, we are so happy for you. We have been praying for you to slow down.” and “Angie, we have been so worried about you. You just look so tired.”  They devised plans to hold me accountable and refused to ask me to volunteer for anything.  They encouraged me to make a plan to do nothing that God wasn’t specifically telling me to do.  I was no longer allowed to volunteer for anything that someone else could do even if it was differently than how I would do it. I was no longer allowed to volunteer without praying about it and waiting for God to answer me clearly.  I was reminded that God had given me 4 beautiful children that were entrusted to me and a husband who worked so hard so I could be home with them.  This 10% cared more about me than the fact that they were going to have to find another volunteer, leader, and/or planner.  I received encouraging words, phone calls and visits to make sure I was staying on track and to let me know I was loved.  A response one NEVER forgets.

   Next up, I realized I was not good at choosing friends.  I tended to choose friends that required extra grace all the time. I have always been drawn to people who needed lots of patience for some reason. I was in no place to help anyone else and really, I was a dry well because I was never getting anything back.  Well, God weeded my friendship garden and I realized, the only real friends I had just happened to be in that 10% and the rest were taken away from me. As I got stronger, they started leaving, one by one. It made me even stronger, and I began to feel a peace I hadn’t felt in years. 

   Then, the owners of our home lost it, sold it, and we were in need to relocate. My husband and son were in North Dakota working, my oldest daughter was not speaking to me and my two youngest daughters were all I had.  We packed and got rid of stuff and packed some more. One evening I felt really terrible and knew my kidney was the culprit. I called my daughter, who not speaking to me, was still there within minutes to take me to the emergency room.  It was kidney stones and a kidney infection. I was sent home medicated and unable to even walk up our stairs, let alone pack. As time got closer, and we still couldn’t find a place to live, I should have been panicking but oddly I wasn’t.  1 week before we were due to be out, my illness which I had pretty much kept from others so they wouldn’t feel obligated to help me, (Gotta love stinky pride, right?) I started to get a little freaked out.  I was nowhere near packed and really was so tired that I almost didn’t even care anymore.

   I had been calling around to realty places and asking for anyone who met our needs on a short notice but hadn’t turned up anything so I was so grateful when our neighbors came and asked if we would be willing to stay at their place for 2 weeks after we were all moved. GOD. I got a call from a realtor that informed me she didn’t know what property I was talking about in my message but she had something that hadn’t even gone on the market yet and she thought we would be interested. Wrong number. GOD. My church called and said that my husband notified them that even though I wasn’t asking for help that I needed it and they would be sending people to help me move. GOD. While moving, I was contacted by a new friend with a horse trailer that they would like to loan their trailer to us for moving. GOD. Friends flooded my home to help me move almost everything into our storage unit. GOD. One gal from church whom I barely knew never left me. She came day after day to help me, brought us lunch and worked side by side with me until the last night I had to be out. We celebrated by eating a burger in my car at almost midnight. The most a friend had ever done for me without expecting anything in return. GOD. He weeded and then planted beautiful kindness into my life. I don’t think that it was any coincidence that the home God gave us is in the country, just 5 minutes down the road from hers. GOD.  My husband came home unemployed due to his refusing to leave me to move twice without him. I was so relieved. GOD. The new house provided a shop and a friend called and offered (We hadn’t even pursued loan options yet) a personal, interest free loan so he could go out on his own. GOD.  We moved out to our new home which costs way more than what we were seeking and yet, we have always made rent. GOD. 

   I look into my daughters eyes, and remember all this and I thank God for all that He has done for us. We have lived here for just over a year and in our 17 years of marriage, we have finally settled.  We are satisfied because He guides us and we are listening.  We probably won’t live here forever. It really isn’t feasible and we feel Him telling us that this is a step in a plan, but we are so grateful to be here. Here being physically and spiritually. 

   I am reminded of other blessings that have come from letting God be in control of our lives. This Summer, my son re-dedicated his life to the Lord and has made vast changes in his life. He gave it all to God. He is no longer a boy, but a man in my eyes. My daughter not only is in constant contact with us but is a beautiful friend in addition to being our daughter. She took the hard road and it is such a blessing to see her choosing to return to God one step at a time.

   When I came in from feeding, I saw my disheveled house.  I saw muddy footprints from Jade forgetting to take her boots of at first. I saw the decks of cards on the table from our family time when my daughter was visiting the day before.  It felt wonderful to know that while I don’t necessarily love cleaning, that I have time to do it and I really wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.  I am grateful for a small house that draws us all close together and is a perfect trade off for my husband being able to work out of the elements from time to time in a shop.  I am so blessed that while we all have to work hard, we are working hard right where God wants us. I am SO grateful to not be living in town. Not because town is bad, but because it is just not where I belong right now.

   I now have peace that reaches all the way down into my soul. The only kind that truly satisfies us. The peace of Christ being the ruler of our heart.  The peace that comes from not having all the answers ourselves but knowing Who does. There aren’t many things that make me afraid anymore, but when I am afraid, I know that I am not listening…


   Thank you God, for always loving me. Thank you for seeking me when I refuse to answer. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for giving me peace that allows me to face the horrors of this world and know that You and only You have the victory. Thank you for allowing me to write so I can share the before’s and after’s of this life You have given me and saved me from. Thank you for all the people who will read this today and be brave enough to surrender their lives to You.  Thank you for the support I receive from them. Thank you for my family, my friends, and the HOPE You have given me through your grace and word.  In the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

“…and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:7


Would You Ignore A Child Abduction?

This video will SHOCK you! I was so blown away by the reactions of the bystanders in this situation. This is EXACTLY why I control where my kids are as much as possible. Every parent should see this video.

What would you have done? What are your feelings about the bystanders?


Memorable Yet Inexpensive Gifts!

   Do you ever sit back and watch all the commercials on t.v. around the holidays and think to yourself, “One day, I will buy gifts like that for Christmas.” or “I wish I had the money to buy that perfect gift!”  Well, know that you are NOT alone.  Many times I have sat and pondered the perfect gift to show just how much I love my family member and every time I imagine their fingers trembling as they open my gift (which is wrapped perfectly, of course), peeling their eyes away just long enough to shoot me a dashing smile because they know that I know that they know I have just given them the perfect gift!  They go back to anxiously  tearing the perfect wrapping paper off the perfect gift box and open it with a gasp! “Angie! It’s absolutely wonderful!” they shout as they clutch it to their chest!


   Then… I look at the items in my cart that have absolutely no sentimental or emotional attachment and I know, once again, I have settled for gifts that people could just as easily buy while waiting in line to purchase their toilet paper.  Sigh…

   Guess what?… I have a solution for you!

   For all you aching souls out there, trying to find a way to creatively provide a unique gift that will bring smiles and sometimes even tears (of joy, silly) to your loved one’s faces this Christmas, I have made a little list for you that has been working beautifully over the last few years for me! 

   AND… You can still pay the power bill!

For Men


  • Gift Cards – Men love getting gift cards! If you know their favorite coffee spot, that is a good option, but otherwise, just purchase one for a store you know they frequent.  Parts store, Hardware Store, Convenience Store, etc.  
  • Coffee Mug filled with treats –  Masculine mugs are available at most stores and you can even get ones with sayings on/in them at most Christian Family and Specialty stores. Fill them with your guys favorite candy or baked goods.
  • FOOD –  The saying, “The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his belly.” Was not a joke.  Guys LOVE getting food. If your guy is watching his diet for health reasons, this would not be a good option, but for all others… this is a win win gift!  Don’t like to bake?  Go buy him some nuts or jerky or ask a friend to make up those cookies he loved at the bbq last Summer.  Think OUTSIDE of the box!
  • Deck of cards – If your guy likes to play games, he will appreciate a new set of cards.  Buy a couple and stack them up with a few printed out game rules so he can start playing right away.
  • I Owe You’s – Have fun with these by making them things he would see as a real gift such as… One day free from taking out the garbage, back massage, wear your favorite dress, go for a walk, run you a bath, wash the car, etc. Make them interesting but not things that are mood dependent so to speak.
  • Car cleaning kits – If your guy is a car guy, car cleaning kits are always a hit. You don’t have to buy the super expensive set up.  You can get a bucket and fill it with car cleaning tools for pretty cheap.  Throw in a couple air fresheners!
  • Make a blanket – The fleece tie blankets are a hit!  They are comfortable, SO simple, and there are hundreds of prints out there to choose from!  Guys AND girls can easily make these and guys AND girls both love getting them!  
  • Trees – Depending on where you live and where they live, trees have a real personal touch and are not only productive but they last.  Trees represent life and just make people happy.  Don’t forget to attach a paper offering to come help plant it!


For Women


  • A photograph or painting in a nice frame –  A beautiful frame is easy to find even at places as inexpensive as the dollar stores. Especially if you have children, loved ones really enjoy getting pictures when they don’t have to find a frame!
  • Decorative Recipe Cards – For anyone who bakes or cooks even somewhat regularly, recipe cards are always handy!  Who doesn’t love jotting down recipes from their favorite magazine or show?  Don’t forget to include your favorite recipe for them to try!
  • Book Marks – Homemade or not, these are great gifts for the reader in your family!  No more ripping magazine corners or tissues to save your spot!  Besides, every time they pick up their book to read, they will think of you. 🙂
  • Plants – potted plants are a fun gift and doubling it up with a decorative pot is a great way to liven it up a bit.
  • Bird feeders – If your girl loves birds than give her something to feed them from.  You could even make one yourself.  Don’t forget to attach a paper saying you will hang it for her! And some birdseed!
  • Gift Card for a spa – Women love being pampered, even if they think it isn’t necessary and this is just the way to tell her you love her and want her around for real. If you want to get real creative, put enough on there that she can bring a friend with her.
  • Scrapbook with pictures of you together – This is great for every woman.  You don’t have to be talented or super creative, just write below each picture where you were together and a specific thing you enjoyed about that day.  Great for a spouse, mom, daughter, sister, niece, grandmother, etc.
  • Journal – In a high tech world, sometimes we forget to write down our thoughts.  Tell your loved one that their thoughts are important to keep track of.  Don’t forget to write a message of encouragement in the front!
  • Fun Water bottle or coffee mug filled with candy or sweet messages – You can even have photo mugs made super cheap at Wal-Mart!  Just upload your pics you want on the mug, chose your colors and they will mail it straight to you! Also, Christian family and Specialty stores carry them with super fun messages already printed on them.
  • Make a blanket – The fleece tie blankets are a hit!  They are comfortable, SO simple, and there are hundreds of prints out there to choose from!  Guys AND girls can easily make these and guys AND girls both love getting them!  

   It’s not about finding the perfect gift as it is, saying “I love you and I know you and I want to know that you know that I know you know, I’m thinking of you.” Something I have learned over the last few years is that making it clear to your friends and family that you can’t spend much on Christmas is totally okay! A lot of families are setting price limits on gifts to ensure there is no awkwardness.  Some families draw names which allows them to spend a little more on one gift rather than purchase several inexpensive gifts.  But the point is to have fun, be creative and be personal!  You are making memories here!!!


   I hope this makes your gift giving experience a little more fun and a lot less stressful! Happy gift-giving!





What is YOUR favorite gift idea? 



Women In The Military???

As much as I really would love to breach another subject, this is the one that is first and foremost on my mind these days.  My eldest daughter, Cynthia, is going into the Marine Corps.  This is not something that we were super excited about at first, to be honest with you.  Not because we don’t support our military, nor because we don’t have military experience in our family, and not even really because it’s far away. The reason was simple. That’s MY daughter!

The thought of her waking up at wicked hours with little sleep already exhausted just to have people screaming in her face telling her she is nothing terrified me!

When she first told us about it, it was easy because it wasn’t a sure thing and we had plenty of time to do some soul searching. I thought it was a phase at first, due to her passionate involvement with our Marine JROTC at her high school.

Over time, however, I started to see a great change in my not so little girl. I started to notice some really great habits developing.  Earlier waking hours, less makeup, more confidence.  I watched the relationship between her Gunnery Sergeant and the Lieutenant Colonel and the kids and saw what I had always loved about the Marine Corps family.  Honesty, pride, trust, honor, encouragement and love.  The more I watched, the more I realized, that my problem was that I was afraid of things that didn’t just happen in the military.  My fears were rape, judgement, conflict, failure and injury.  The problem with this fear, is that these things could just as easily happen if she went to work at a grocery store!  The enemy always sneaks in the back door.

So, I had to sit down and really think about this decision.  I could either encourage it and regret it if something happens to her, or discourage it and always wonder if she would have been okay.  In the end, it’s not our decision, obviously.  It’s got to be her decision, but lets face it… when our kids are making these huge decisions, we really do have to make a choice to either support them or encourage them in another direction.  I still wasn’t sure what I should do and I just started praying like crazy.  Not like you would think, but I was praying for God to find a way to make me see this as a good decision if she was supposed to go.

The following week, I brought up Cynthia going into the Marine Corps to several people and boy, were the responses contradictory!  The first response I got was, “I would freak the hell out if my kids ever wanted to go into the military!”  I thought for a minute and said to myself, “Do I feel the same way?”  The answer was honestly, no.  When I thought in general whether I was against my kids enlisting, the answer was, no. Another response is “You aren’t going to let her go, are you?”  Uh… she is 18… Okay, moving on.

Just a day later, Cynthia calls me from school, so upset I could barely understand her.  She informs me that upon informing the staff at her school at that time, that she was going into the military and therefore wanted to focus more on JROTC at the other school more than their ‘University based’ diploma, that they shut her down with comments like, “I can’t believe you are taking the easy way out” and “Joining the military is what people do when they don’t want to put in the effort of college”.  My favorite was “Cynthia, you know what your problem is?  You’ve had it easy your whole life and just can’t handle it.”  Are you freaking kidding me? I won’t go into detail about my daughters NOT so easy life, but it hasn’t been a piece of cake, by any means. One of the staff even referred to her as going into the ‘F’ing military.  I can’t even tell you what was building up inside of me at this point. When I asked her what her response was, she said, “Yeah and thanks to the military, you have the freedom to say that.”  I was SO VERY proud of her!  That is exactly what I would have said.  The following weeks until the semester ended, the staff not only treated her with indifference but they also made it difficult for her to transfer by delaying her final grade postings.  I was sick to my stomach, and felt my ‘ All American’ roots reaching out all over the place! Moving on.

Finally, I just asked Cynthia, honestly and truly why she wanted to join the military.  Her response was so quick and so relaxed, yet passionate, that I just knew it was where she needed to be.  We never once had to wake her up for PT.  She never complained about doing her chores after an exhausting day at an event.  She was serious when she said, it is just what feels right. “It’s where I belong.  I want to be there when our country needs help.  I want to travel the world. They are family to me. It makes me feel proud.  I want to serve my country and if I’m going to serve, I want to be with my family.  I want to be a part of the best.”  These are the things that just blew me away.  It wasn’t about so and so doing it or “I just want to be cool” mentality and it sold me.

Then, something terrible happened.  A friend said to me, “I don’t believe women belong in the military.”  Okay, I had to ponder this for a moment because I had always been kind of on the fence about this one.  Not because women aren’t capable of doing amazing things but because there are some no brainer things that need to be openly considered. Of course, all these things are things that I had only given little thought to in the past. Just some of these things came to mind.

  • Woman + PMS + Gun = ?
  • Woman vs Man physical strength
  • Woman vs Man mental strength
  • Woman vs Man respect
  • Woman vs Man risk

Okay, so considering the first one… Even though it still gets a giggle out of me, this was my biggest concern. Who on earth is going to trust a pms’ing and ‘unstable’ hormonal woman with their life when she is in a panic?!  Not me!  Unless of course, she had top of the line training that taught her not only to control herself when she wanted to love everyone, but also when she wanted to shoot everyone else.  Come on.  This is something, that even me, a woman, bought into.  Of course you are going to deal with hormones, but testosterone is a pretty healthy competitor! These women are trained how to function even in their ‘dis-functional’ times!  There is no worry here.

Women vs men physical strength.  Men are typically stronger physically, but even a fellow Marine will tell you that female Marines are a force to reckon with.  They are taught the same intense fighting skills as the men that if put in the position would allow them to not only defend themselves but be productive in protecting their brothers and sisters in uniform just as easily as a male. There will never be any doubt that physically, men tend to be stronger, but skilled individuals are on a different scale in my opinion and not all men are stronger than all women.  Therefore, we must also admit that not all women can be weaker than all men.

Mental strength?  Well, I will be honest with you.  I think that this area completely depends on the individual.  I don’t think either side is stronger as a gender in this area.  I think that anyone that trusts their gender to be stronger than the other mentally is playing with a ‘loaded gun’. It could go both ways and there are waaaay too many crazies out there to rule out any gender as more stable than another.

Woman vs Man respect.  This one is difficult.  I think generally, women tend to receive less respect but I’m not really sure that I notice this so much in the military from the outside.  Never having been on the inside, I don’t really feel that I am knowledgeable enough to really express an educated equation, but my opinion is that women are WAY less likely to be respected out of the military as they are in it.

Risk… ah… the consideration that freaks me out the most.  Is the risk of rape higher for women in the military than it is for men?  Absolutely! Is the risk of rape higher for women out of the military than it is for men? Absolutely!  I’m not being candid about this at all.  I have to be honest with you… if this act was taken against my daughter in OR out of the military, I would pity the SOB that did it because he would never sleep again without wondering if that night was the night we found him.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, I totally understand that the risk is higher.  An even better the reason for her to learn these intense life saving skills! Hellooooo!

So, anyway, when my friend told me she doesn’t believe in women serving in the military I said, “Not all women can, but then again, neither can all men.”

I am so proud of our daughter and am really looking forward to the day that she can proudly say, “I did it! I’m a Marine!” We are excited to support her along with all the other troops.  I am so grateful to know that she is going to be out there making sure we can all sleep at night. I’m thankful that God laid this on her heart and that she is so proud to join such an elite group of men and women! I guess I AM okay with women in the military…

Way to go, Cynthia!  Oorah!Image

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