Would You Ignore A Child Abduction?

This video will SHOCK you! I was so blown away by the reactions of the bystanders in this situation. This is EXACTLY why I control where my kids are as much as possible. Every parent should see this video.

What would you have done? What are your feelings about the bystanders?



Santa or no Santa

“Do you want me to tell Santa how bad you’ve been?”  should have been my first clue to the truth considering that it was usually followed by, “He knows whether you’ve been bad or good.”

As a child, I believed in Santa Claus… did you?  I know… there are a lot of really great stories out there about who he was and what he did… I am not talking about the dead Saint Nicholas and all that.  I am asking, as a child, did you believe that Santa Claus was not only alive, but lived at the North Pole, had elves and reindeer and flew in on a sleigh???


I believed with all my heart and when I confronted my parents after learning at 7 years old… they denied that he wasn’t real and even then, couldn’t bear to tell me the truth.  What is it in a parent that makes us dread that moment of telling our kids that there really is no Santa? Guilt? Denial that our kids are so smart? Refusal to give up that special part of Christmas?

My parents did not see eye to eye about many things and neither were ever willing to accept their parts in a marriage going bad, which led to divorce when I was 5 years old.  They agreed on one thing, in my eyes, Santa.  So I asked Santa to please bring my parents back together and I just KNEW he would.

I believed everything my parents said.  I believed that picking your nose could cause brain damage and I believed that if I crossed my eyes, they would one day stick that way… And I believed that Santa was going to bring my parents back together. I believed all these little ‘white lies’ that my parents said and the reveal of the truths as I got older, made me not only see my parents as successful liars but also unreliable people to come to for truths in general. The impact was not pretty for me.  I felt deceived and hurt and suddenly, very lonely.   False hope.

Christmas was still a joyous time for me, even in that time, but it always seemed like it was missing something. There was a special something that came with the belief in Santa and it was missing.  I think it was the idea that someone out there, knew exactly what we were doing all year long, seeing the good AND the bad, and cared.  The idea that someone cared enough to think of you, every day, all year long.  Isn’t this the way we portray Santa Claus?  The all knowing?  The one who knows your name, your family, your address, whether you’ve been bad or good, even though you’ve never see him?  Sound a little like someone else we know?

Could it be possible that the revealing of Santa, allowing that creeping of doubt, could make us second guess one described oh so similar?  Then, we justify it by topping it off with lame excuses to celebrate Santa anyway because he was a ‘good soul’? Even though there are tons of  ‘good souls’ out there today and we don’t plaster their ‘self portrait’ all over our home? Are we really so naive to not see that we are creating the perfect tunnel for God to be omitted from the very holiday that was designated to his birth? So, Santa was a good Christian who brought toys to little kids with Jesus in mind.  Do we celebrate our grandma on our birthday because she loved us and did things with us in mind?  Of course not. We celebrate her on her birthday or everyday!

Think about it.  It’s a celebration of Jesus’ birth… and that is not enough? Why is Santa celebrated again?

It’s just these little things that the enemy uses to keep TRUE goodness a sweet little fairy tale. Wonderful and joyous, but with the underlining of fiction. Just almost believable.  We don’t want to face the fact that the enemy uses feel good things to deceive us every day.  Ever heard the quote, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!”?  Well, don’t think that the enemy doesn’t know that.  He knows that you are only going to chose something if it looks good… His job is to not only show us how good it looks, but to make it feel empowering too.  We DO love power, don’t we? Even to the point of brushing off these facts as extreme or futile.

I have faced many Christian friends and family that feel I see this too seriously, yet each of them have admitted to feeling at atleast one point, convicted on this topic and how much focus they have put on anything other than Christ.  I don’t push the issue, because I totally believe we make changes as God asks us to, not man. It’s not up to me to change you, just share with you.

The Riggs Institute tells us that the widest learning opportunity is a child up to age 10 and during that time is when our minds are framed to a way of thinking.  How old were you when you learned about Santa?  How old were you when you learned he was not real? Probably all happened in that super critical time frame, right? What do you want to be cemented into your kids at this critical learning age in reference to Christmas and the point of it all?  Santa? … or Christ…

I know this is not a favored point of view and I really just try to avoid it as most of my family does not respect it anyway, but this year, I felt that I needed to say something, so I did.  I really wish, early on, someone would have told me about God on Christmas, so I could have associated Him with the warm and loving feelings that I felt when I thought Santa was watching out for me.  Jesus is real… here and forever… It took me quite a while to realize that there really was One who didn’t want to fill my heart with presents all wrapped in paper that could break and fall apart but a real gift, that would surpass any other gift and could not be taken away.

So, I would like to know what other views are on this.  Whether you are a Christian or not, I am curious as to how you view the topic of Santa or No Santa.  Please feel free to share your opinion!



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